Gary Null Show 01.31.18

…they do not represent you and I.
Everything is DC is just one illusion…

While I tend to agree with most (but not all) of what Gary has to say and deciphers about the government, I take a bit of a different stance on so-called global warming and some of his nutritional guidelines/advice.

3 thoughts on “Gary Null Show 01.31.18

  1. Yeah, I made it to the no meat part and had to depart. Dude’s bat-$#!+ crazy. He does use some big words though. He does have that going for him. Much of it is wrong, of course, but whatever.

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    • Yeah you got to listen past the homeopathic and nutritional information. He does a lot of good research when it comes to politics and governmental affairs. Much of what he has uncovered has been corroborated on WikiLeaks. He was one of the first guys to out the Clinton Foundation a few years ago. James Corbett has had him on his show and James Corbett is really is one of the most trusted alternative media investigative journalists.

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