The meddling US government and its criminal agents…

You may or may not wonder how much longer it will take for the majority of the mostly ignorant American populace to STOP accepting (AND championing) this corrupted, criminal enterprise, they happen to call ‘their’ government. This warmongering, murderous, pedophilia entity that presides over what has become a declining, massively unequal and divided nation. (If ever there was a once great nation, that is now a burgeoning shit hole, the US is certainly headed in that direction)

Amazingly as it seems, the majority of voters are STILL nothing but ideological statists who for whatever illogical reasons, cling to their useless, worthless party values. Be-it the scumbag democrats or the scumbag republicans. And make NO mistake those values are complete fucking garbage. The complete absence of any morals or ethics is beyond clear, yet…the muppetry continues.

3 thoughts on “The meddling US government and its criminal agents…

  1. You know what, I figured out something about your hatred of government – it’s all name calling and no substance. Everyone of us is an idiot, we’re all rubes, politicians are all crooks and anyone who isn’t as pissed off and angry as you is somehow complicit…

    Brother, there’s a lot wrong with our political system, there’s no doubt, but name a country that does it better (I know the one that does, I’m just waiting to see if you know it).

    I don’t mean to taunt you, and I don’t mean to poke at you. I’m just trying to grasp your anger. I want to understand, because the way you write about the government, as bad as politicians are, man you’re out there.

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    • Let me explain…

      I was a flag waver for most of my life buddy. Believed in the system, thought we were a moral nation. But we are not. That is a fact. Not an opinion. We have spread murder and sickness and poverty across the globe.

      So, yes my anger for ALL governments has increased substantially. Also, I do not make any claims that there is a better place. This nation used to be a pretty decent place to live, to call home and to be proud of. To be proud of America now, is simply an act of statism. And yes, if anyone wholly supports this current system, well sorry but there is NO excuse for it. One is culpable then in the enabling of corruption.

      We need to abolish the current system. To have a very very very limited government in place. What we have now a bloated, corrupted and criminal enterprise, that is continually growing. There is nothing good about a government that warmongers, tortures, murders and creates poverty around the globe. I don’t give a shit what little they MIGHT do here that might be perceived as ‘good’ As a nation our morals and ethics are in the fucking garbage- WE allow these scumbags to represent us? Bullshit. It’s time to stop it Jim.

      I took my blinders off, personally I no longer wish to be blind as to the extent of the crimes and criminality of my government. I no longer want to be a part of that ugly process. And, I will continue to markedly point out these blatant misuses and abuses of the us government.

      Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our pensions system is going broke. Poverty is increasing. Homelessness is increasing. The educational system is failing. All while we wage illegals wars around the globe. Spending trillions on war, on murdering. The State is becoming more and more authoritarian. Surveillance 24/7. Renewing no-knock warrants. Strip and Search for no cause. Seizing of assets without a trial. The list goes on.

      So if you think that is something to proud of, that is your choice buddy. It is not mine. And, if your inclined to ‘compare’ that to other nations, then you’re missing the point. AND therein lies the rub.

      One does not compare liberty and freedom AND choice to other nations or entity’s. They stand alone. As our rights and our voices are muted, we are losing liberties at an alarming rate, while not much is made a fuss about. Remember, Apathy begets tyranny. Always has always will.

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      • Now see, there’s your problem, and I completely understand it. Your thinking, that if we start over with a new, limited government, the one the Founders intentioned, that all would be better. That won’t happen though. What will happen is the socialists will get in there and make government five times more bloated that it is now. Normal folks like you and I would have our asses handed to us and be forced to move to Chile (that’s the last bastion of freedom right there).

        Poverty is increasing?! I don’t think so, bud. Poverty doesn’t mean what it used to, that’s the only reason for an increase. Poor used to mean POOR. The pension system isn’t national, nor any business of the federal government (unless you want them to have more power, which I doubt). The educational system is local, same thing… and you complain the Deep State is becoming more authoritarian? Giving them more isn’t the answer… because they can’t even take care of the illegal immigration problem – and often do their damndest to make it WORSE.

        Now here’s the kicker, though, because you could turn around and do the same thing to me with the government control that I just did to you; When you come off all angry and flippin’ nuts about this stuff, you push people away. You end up coming off as a nutter and with all of the crazies running around shooting stuff up lately… well, damn man. You get a little spooky sometimes. Take the crazy down a notch and put your angst to work rather than ranting from the rooftops.

        Quite often, you’ve got a lot of good to say, but things like Pizza-gate, you gotta let that go, man. There’s nothing to it. It just never happened.


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