A middle-aged pedaling punter, who really can’t climb…and is too slow to be a sprinter…on the rise to some kind of mediocrity- Though I have been known to carve up a descent or two!

A modern-day ‘noble savage’ and critical agitator, if you will. Noting experiences, travels, triumphs and tribulations along the way both on and off the bike. Who always questions authority, disdains ideological democrats, republicans, the latte-crowd, metros, statists-collectivists, all those who impede absolute liberty AND just whining pussies in general…

[A Man, a Machine and a trivial Purpose]


Iron Horse @ CR

I have been competing and riding on two-wheels since I was 25 in 1991, when I began my foray into motorcycle roadracing. The debut event was at Summit Point Raceway, W. Virgina, aboard a Kawasaki Ninja 250.

1991 Summit
Summit Point

Geo @ Daytona

SP 600

2003 @ Summit
Summit Point

From 1991 to 2003 I had competed on a Honda 125 Grand Prix machine, an FZR 400, and a GSXR 600. On such famed, fast circuits as Bridgehampton, Road Atlanta, VIR and the world-renowned center of speed, Daytona.

Since those moto roadracing days, I began cycling at the end of 2003 and then mountain biking in 2007. Along the way I  have competed in a handful of cycling events including criteriums, TT’s, a cyclocross event and a couple of short road races from 2005 to 2012.

  • Eight seasons of Moto Roadracing
  • 12 years of Road Cycling
  • Seven years of MTB riding

My extensive and successful experiences riding two-wheeled machinery spans over two decades.

“ya can’t love the death…without knowing that its part of it”

Racing and riding ARE supposed to be a bit dangerous…
Yet we have come to live an age where ‘Risk’ has become a pejorative; by progressives, feminists and all others who ‘would save us from our selves’ How dare anyone tell me or prevent me from taking risk. Fore demand begets risk- and I demand from myself to push closer to the edge…

For me, at over half a century old, it’s now about enjoying the ride. Enjoying the fleeting moments of happiness and contentment.

A good meal, good company, a sunset, a lush valley, a high mountain, a good beer and a restful nights sleep (passionate sex doesn’t hurt either…)

Life is short,  I wish I had understood, ‘make the most of it’ while you can…much earlier in life. C’est la vie!

Passione. Ferocia. Realizzazione.
Rise. Resist. Revolt.


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