On the Wings of Idunn

As the Vernal  Equinox ushers in the the warming season, The Norse Goddess of Spring…Idunn brings with her a rebirth of promise and possibilities…fore, she will lead the way for my wheels to roll-

We are now four weeks into the Spring season and the weather here in the northeast of the U.S. has finally turned a corner, with temps consistently in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s.

Although I have been putting in some rides, this is a time of the year where I will be ramping up my volume of riding. So it’s time for the obligatory tune up. In addition to recent cable and gearing adjustments, today I installed new bar tape, a new chain, and fresh new rubber both front and rear. The R-002 is now ready to take on the rest of the year though I’m not so sure about its rider! lol….


Luckily I was able to locate another pair of the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick tyres, one on Amazon and one on ebay, because unfortunately Vittoria have discontinued this particular tire model. Combined, I paid a total of $35 dollars for the pair, scoring another great bargain for a great set of tires. 


A click, a creak; could it be the crank or the seat…and so goes another mile and another bump in the road

Finally was able to sort out a few nagging issues I have had since the completion of
the build on the R002 SBK. Shifting was a problem from the get go. No matter what
adjustments I made to the low, high, the B stop and barrel adjuster, I could not get the
middle of the gears to shifty smoothly.  As the chain would always hang up, at mid-point.

One problem contributing to the shifting ills, was that I had installed the chain backwards. (WHAT?) Yes, turns out, the Shimano 6701 chain is directional! Who knew…well, not me. I only discovered it by accident while cleaning the chain. I noticed that there was only lettering on one side of the chain. So, I looked at some other chains and thought something might be up.  A little research on Shimano’s site and bingo.  Blunder # 1 discovered. While this seemed to help slightly,  the shifting was still not as fluid as it should be.


At this point, I relented and sought the help of an expert. My local mechanic, who happens to be the same guy who taught the Park School classes I attended earlier this year. He solved the problem within 10 minutes- but of course he did. That is why HE
is the expert and I am the novice…

There had also been a click or a creaking noise coming from the lower half of the bike on the downward pedal strokes. At first I thought it might be the pedals. After removing both sides, lubricating them and tightening them back up, the noise still persisted. Perhaps it might be the chain ring bolts or the maybe it was the crank arms I thought.
So back to youtube to watch some tips and tutorial videos on FSA crank arms and BB30 bottom brackets.

As I watched a particular video, the mechanic stated to remove the washer after unbolting the non-drive side arm. Huh? I don’t remember installing a washer. Out to garage to rummage through my build parts. I didn’t see anything that resembled a large wave washer, as in the video.  Hmmm. Okay, so a bit of forum and website research revealed that indeed you must install the washer on the FSA crankset, between the arm and the BB. After taking the crankset off and discovering that there was no washer I was hoping this was the source of the noise problem. (blunder #2) Off to the shop then to buy me a washer! I re-installed the crankset with the appropriate washer, tightened everything up and crossed me fingers.

I threw a leg over the top tube, clipped in and went for a short jaunt around the neighborhood. So far so good I thought…with each pedal stroke, there was a nary a sound except the change of the gears. Wala! Problem solved. So the bike is quiet, the gears are humming and I am happy. With only about 412 miles on the R-002 not much else to report on. I was going to write up a 500 mile report-review, but I may just wait until 750 or 1000 miles.

Until then…cheers