Odds, Observations-n-Ends

I was on the fence about the almost ‘obligatory’ year-end synopsis riding post…because after all, these types of posts are mostly self-serving…but what the hell. If nothing else, it’s a post…

My 2014 riding year started a bit late, due to the hellacious and brutally cold, snowy weather in the northeast last winter…I was nearly dormant from January to April. Having put in only 3 measly rides (1 in Jan, 2 in Mar) So, I figured I would be behind the ‘curve’ so to speak for 2014 season.


Indeed, 2014 was a bit of an odd riding year for me, with the usually ups and downs. On the plus side, I was building a new rig over the winter. I was excited going through the process of assembling and piecing together my first ‘proper’ bike. (Meaning, a mostly all carbon machine that would be relatively light- as my previous carbon bike weighed in at almost 20 lbs!)

Med S6300934

I had visions of setting pr’s on all of my local climbs, speeding down the road on my new stealthy, sleek steed…but because of my late start and some other varying reasons, those visions never really materialized, except for a few climbing pr’s here and there. The oddity of the human body never ceases to amaze me. Obviously I’m not a professional athlete or even what some might consider a high-level amateur athlete. I do not ‘train’ on a regular basis or do I have a training plan for that matter.

But, I think I’m in decent shape, enough so, that I feel I should be able to cycle 50 to 100 miles without any serious difficulties. Which, thankfully I am able to. But sometimes, just climbing a few flights of stairs can be tiring. Or, hiking for instance. There were a couple of occasions this past summer I had been on hikes of 3 to 5 miles and I struggled. Inexplicably, struggled. Which, is massively frustrating.

There were days on the bike that I was fairly strong, then there were days that I had felt like a was run over by a bus the previous day/night. Days I could hang and even pull with small faster groups averaging 17-18 mph. But then on some days, barely able to sustain a 13 mph average pace. Though I did manage to claim a bunch of kom descents and even top 85 kph on a fast 1 mile descent. But I digress…for whatever the physiological reasons, I have always had a sort of yo-yoing level of fitness, but it is more pronounced on the bike.

There are some notable explanations, but sometimes the body just say’s no, not today buddy, fuck you. Sure it’s extremely irritating, but the body is the BOSS. Whatever you say boss…not much one can do to beat the boss. Sooner or later, the boss has the final say! So, over the past 2-3 years I have just begrudgingly accepted these ‘human’ failings, or let downs if you will. Plus, at 50 my expectations have dimmed somewhat and that too is okay.

In staying with the odd (or just amazing) for 2014, there were the ‘odd’ ride adventures. Getting caught in a mega downpour (actually reported as heavy micro bursts) only 6 miles from home, but man those 6 miles took almost an hour. The rain was so dense and slashing, I could barley see. Not too mention the rivers of flash floods I had to traverse! I was utterly soaked and shivering to the bone. Then there was the bear ride! Spotted two black bears in Califon NJ while on a quiet side road. I was climbing at the time and thought, well if I had to retreat, at least it would be downhill. So, 40+ would be do-able…

There was the odd spotting of the typical road debris- road kill, trash, discarded water bottles and of course the occasional sneaker. But also underpants, bra’s, baby pacifiers and I even eyed a bucket full of light bulbs…then throw in the ever-present wildlife of scampering deer, elegant foxes, big fat bunny’s, colorful turtles, frogs and garden-type snakes! While mundane in so many ways, my riding season had offered many the odd sights and hazards along the way.

To that ‘end’ I managed to throw a leg over my bike(s) 8 more times than I did in 2013, despite being off from riding 18 days during July. The big push in the 4th quarter certainly helped that achievement. Scanning back to November-December 2013, I had ridden only 4 times (3 in Nov, 1 in Dec) compared to 23 rides in 2014 (13 in Nov, 10 in Dec)

2014-2013 ride stats

In analyzing my 2013/2014 stats, it appears that I have surpassed last years totals in rides and hours (miles too, but I don’t worry about miles- I measure my riding by time rather than distance)  Though a deeper analysis reveals this; In 2013 I averaged 2.25 hrs per ride, but in 2014 only 2.2 hrs per ride. In ’14 I climbed 19,214 feet less than in ’13. So, like I said earlier, it was a year of ups and downs though the overall take away is positive. I enjoyed most of the year on and off the bike and that’s not a bad thing. So here’s to 2015 and all that it has in store, bring it on….

Even though I despise the cold weather, I have forced myself to go ride in the cold, even if it’s just a 10-15 mile jaunt. I’m hoping it pays some aerobic dividends this coming year. Fingers crossed mates!

Safe riding and a Happy New Year to all!

Ciao, Adios, Wiedersehen, DagAu revoirДо свидания, Ha det, Até logo, buh-bye…

R-002 Review | Tested & Ridden

At the time of this write up, I have ridden the Zhongwei R-002 for approximately 70 hours (or 948 miles). The time spent in the saddle includes riding on; gravel, dirt, smooth pavement, bumpy roads and very rough and rutted tarmac on varying types of terrain. Rolling hills, flats and steep short climbs. Rolling mainly on the 23mm x 38 mm carbon wheels, with a few rides on a set of standard 20 mm x 27 mm aluminum rims for comparison.

Undoubtedly,  I have put the R002-SS through its paces during the last 3 months. What follows is my best attempt to provide the most neutral review of the bike frame and fork that I can. As opposed to some of the apparent fluff and obvious lip-service from a contingent of inexperienced and/or naive riders regarding the R-002/R-022. If you have not read the Prequel to the Review, then please go ahead and scan the short post before delving into the full bike review.

The Opine

With its sleek lines and shaped tubes, it’s easy to see why the R-002/R-022 bicycle frame is one of the most popular of the Zhongwei Composite bikes produced in China.


The R double-O 2’s aggressive look and relatively lightweight (my 52cm frame weighs in at 1088g) make for a very solid build. It’s a sportier type mid-level race machine, geared more towards the aggressive club rider and weekend racer, rather than the touring/fondo crowd, despite its somewhat partial ‘touring’ type bike geometry:

  1. Head tube: 71.5°
  2. Fork rake: 44 mm
  3. Trail: 62.1 mm
  4. Seat tube angle: 74°
  5. Chainstay: 406 mm
  6. Wheelbase: 976.90 mm

The 44 mm fork rake and the 62.1 mm trail yield an aggressive, quick steering type of machine. As does the somewhat shorter, beefy 406 mm chainstays with a wheelbase of only 976.90. While the 71.5° head angle and 74° seat tube angle, suggest a more relaxed ‘touring’ type of geometry. The bike seems to have a split-personality, with respect to overall chassis design. Something of an engineering flaw, whether planned or not.

I liken the double-O 2 to a middleweight supersport bike- It’s relatively light, sharp and fast. But it’s also very stiff.  In fact, the chassis is so stiff, it is absolutely unforgiving when configured with carbon wheels. Stomp down on the pedals and there is nary a hint of flex from the bottom bracket area. The bike just seems to push forward with proficiency. Though with aluminum wheels under the R-002, it is still quite rigid, but soaks up the bumps and ruts a bit better.

But in reality, the R-002/R-022 sacrifices everyday/touring type utility and comfort, for performance. This is not a bike of choice for long-ish rides and-or fondo/ touring, but rather it is more of a crit-type machine, one that will reward a rider with instant responsiveness and power efficiency. The massive, shapely chain stays measure 406 mm’s from the center of rear axle to the center of the BB, aiding in the bikes stout climbing prowess.


It’s evident from the massively sized down tube and bottom bracket area that R-002 has a pronounced amount of lateral stiffness, that much is absolutely true from riding it. There’s a tapered head tube with 1-1/8″ to 1.5″ lower bearing, that also contributes to the stiffness. The frames rigidity is apparent from the slightest inputs through the handlebars, resulting in immediate steering response– thanks in large part to its short trail. . The bike exhibits efficient power transfer from a wide range of speeds and its stiffness is without question.

T he R-002 accelerates rapidly, on semi-smooth or smooth macadam (if you can find any!) the bike is fast, solid and precise. Though comfort and composure are definitely not the R-002’s strong points.  It’s not at all smooth and/or controllable over rough roads and there is a lot of jarring feedback through the frame and fork.

Unfortunately, this is the big compromise in the frames design, trading ride smoothness for the high level of chassis stiffness. On gentle roads, the firm chassis makes for a confident ride with the sort of cornering character that makes you push harder as you learn the limits of the bike, wheels and tyres.


The R-002 has some keen aerodynamic features as well; with internally routed cables, shapely carbon lines and a sculpted head tube. Though specifically, the R-002 is not an aero bike. And the jury is out as to whether the ‘aero design’ has any edge or advantage over any other type of non-aero road machine. It certainly is a uniquely shaped machine and well, it just looks frigging awesome…


The Verdict

After rides lasting several hours on the R-002, lower back discomfort and some marked fatigue become evident (at least to those of us who are over 40…and at close to 50, I feel every bump and jolt from the road surge through my body). The frame and fork are unforgiving  in shock absorption, not so assuring on big hits and not at all good at soaking up vibration from the hardier bumps and ruts.

But if you’re sprinting, climbing out of the saddle or throwing it in to the corners, the R-002 absolutely shines when the tarmac is unbroken and unrippled. Though overall, the chassis is not well balanced for varying terrain and conditions, it’s a one-trick pony. More of a point and shoot type machine that gets the job done, though not with grace and composure, but with a sheer rawness of power and speed. Not at all suited for the 50 and over crowd…


Technical Specs

Overall, I am very pleased with the appearance and the build, but very disappointed with the bike’s ability to track over unstable roads and its long ride performance. My previous carbon rig served me well for 9 years, something I can not see happening with the R-002. As I age, my preferences will undoubtedly shift even more towards comfort combined with performance, something that the R-002 is just unable to deliver. Final grade:


A bit of an updated post on the handling and stem setup

R-002 (the prequel to review)

I was going write up the R002 – SBK review in one post, but due to the lengthy aspect of explaining about certain conditions and prerequisites, I decided to break the review into two posts. The first post will deal with assumptions, conditions, criterion and caveats of what the review will be predicted on.

Let’s face it, a review is just an opinion and you know what is said about opinions…they are like  assholes, everybody’s got one and they usually stink. (yes, even the ones written here, though at least I will give you a background on the what and the why’s)

The Bad, the Ugly and the Good:

Let’s begin by pointing out the marginal issues and problems with the R-002/R-022 frame. The fit and finish is somewhat spotty on certain batches and as so happened, the TWO models I received (after sending the first one back with gross aesthetic issues) had fit and finish issues. One of the more glaring problems with the R-002/R-022’s seat tube Claimed size of  34.6mm is that it is slightly larger than the standard size for most road bikes. Two different 31.6mm seat posts would not fit properly on my R002. Subsequently, I had to shim the post to keep it from slipping.

Second issue, is the headset. The R-002 comes with a relatively cheap, suspect headset. Though not mechanically unsafe, it does result in a sub-standard fit and finished look.

Third issue is the bottom bracket cable guide. The cheap plastic piece that came on my R-002, had to be filed in order for the cables to actually move through the guide.

Fourth issue is the rear derailleur hanger. The hanger that came on the bike was bent. Which meant the derailleur would not line up properly. Good thing that a spare bracket comes with the frame. But, the bracket should NOT be bent in the first place.

Granted, none of these issues severely compromise the safety aspect of the bike, but, they are significant in their own way. It points out the lack of uniform quality control and  Standard Operating Procedures withing the Zhongwei-UIS factory. Now I’m not saying that all the R-002/R-022 frames have these same issues, but I have read that some buyers have had some similar issues. I am also not saying that the R-002/R-022 should be avoided, in fact I would purchase another frame from Zhongwei, but in a different manner. What I am saying is, that in my specific case, I am sure that my issues were not necessarily a production oversight…which is a shame.

Rather, I suspect that these consequences were a result of sending back my first frame, that turned into a sort of ‘punishment’. Which is why it probably took over 3 months for the second frame to be shipped, (after being told in numerous emails by a certain person that it was -“going out next week”) and then have a frame riddled with these 4 problems. I’m sure it’s a cultural thing, you know, insulting, denying, saving face etc. (and all that is just plain old ugly!) Let me not forget about the shipping cost I incurred sending back the fist frame (which I was promised a refund of half of the cost, which of course never happened) Lesson learned, I think 🙂

As for the good, there is plenty. Obviously, the price of the frame/fork is a bargain at around $360 USD. Then there is the very sleek and aero look of the frame and fork itself. The moderately light weight of the R-002/R-022 is also a plus when you consider the cost. My raw 52cm frame weighs in at a respectable 1088g and the fork at 453g.

Rider/Writer background:

As with any review/opinion, the perspective and qualifications of  the reviewer matters greatly, in lending credence to the review. (at least that is my opinion! ) All too often reviews are expressed by those with limited experiences or out of context point of views regarding the reviewed item(s). All too often, reviews seem to be nothing more than a scripted play titled; “Blowing Sunshine up your Ass”. Well rest assured, that the forthcoming review will NOT be of any such folly. What the review will be, is a balanced, truthful and thorough detail of ascertained experiences, albeit an opinion of the R-002 chassis.

I am in my 11th year of road cycling and my 8th year of mtb’ing. Previous to 2004, when I had started cycling, I road raced motorbikes from 1991 to 2003. ( I feel this is relevant experience to understanding two-wheeled dynamics and having developed a ‘knack’ for machine feel and feedback.

During my years of road biking, I have owned and ridden (in order) a 1980’s Schwinn le tour 12 speed steel bike, a 2004 Mercier aluminum Tiagra/105, 27 speed equipped bike, a 2006 Pro-Lite carbon fiber Ultegra 6600, 20 speed bike and now the carbon R-002. And, I have owned only one mountain bike, an aluminum Iron Horse Warrior hardtail.

So, I can state without question, that I have ridden various frame materials and types of bikes during the 11 years. While not as ‘seasoned’ as some other long-time riders who have ridden fleets of bikes, I’m not a neophyte either. Therefore, these known quantities and facts need to be taken into account when reading and analyzing the upcoming R-002 review. Stay Tuned

Projekt Archetype-X R002 (Test Session III)

The Projekt Archetype – X Bike concluded its third testing session of the R-002
on Saturday, April 12th. Weather conditions were fairly decent, with temps in
the 60’s, dry roads, partly sunny skies and a light wind.

I headed for roads with rolling terrain, flat stretches, small climbs and a few fast
twisty sections. I deliberately drove the R-002 hard in to the corners and kept pushing
the front end much more than the previous two outings, with the end result being a
less ‘twitchy’ response. Front end grip is good and the steering feedback does not
seem quite as vague as it had initially felt.

The 39 mile test ride has returned significant results on setup as I continue to gain
confidence riding the R-002 Supersport at increasingly faster paces. I was able to attack
much harder through both technical, tight and sweeping corners- subsequently, I have
garnered a first place  and a second place in two very fast segments of esses I often ride.


This third test session has allowed me to adapt to the chassis a bit better and capitalize
on the bike’s potential, after making two modifications from the previous tests. The first
change made was to lower the headtube-stem stack height 5mm’s. (replacing the 10mm spacer with a 5mm spacer)

The second change implemented was installing a 90mm stem in favor of the original
80mm stem. (which equates to a +11.1% increase in stem length) Though often it only
takes slight changes to effect two-wheeled vehicles. These modifications have narrowed the distance from the center of the bar to the front axle, which prior to the changes had been 5-5/16″ or 134.93 mm’s. The measurement is now at 5-1/16″ or 128.58 mm’s. (a decrease of approximately 4%) These two key changes have provided the R002-SS with a bit more stability, which lends itself to a higher level of confidence and a more content rider!


For those not too familiar with two-wheeled dynamics, you might question what stem length or height has to do with steering of a bicycle. Well, it turns out (no pun intended!) that stem length has a subtle effect on the radius of the turning arc. The longer the stem, the greater the length of the arc. And it is the opposite for a shorter stem. The end result is that the steering ‘feels’ a bit slower with longer stem length and quicker with a shorter length, which some, (myself included) might describe as a ‘twitchy’ feel or response)

So, after 3 official test outings and 8 total rides for approximately 182 miles, I am becoming somewhat satisfied with the bike. The setting changes and data I am extracting is proving to be valuable for a good compromised setup. My aim to is to continue refining the machine to get the maximum comfort and performance out of it for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Black Blade R002 – Supersport | Test Day

Updated test link

Testing of the R-002 Carbon Supersport continued today, with a 29 miler around Glacial Lake and Bernards Twp. I was able to sample a variety of roads with a couple of small climbs thrown in as well. So after the short initial shakedown run last week, I was able to ascertain a basic setup. My impression today was that the bike is stiffer than my Pro-Lite carbon, but the R-002 also rides slightly harsher, the frame/fork is, less ‘compliant’. Now, I don’t know if it is due to the carbon layup and/or weave or solely down to the CF wheelset or a combination of the materials, frame/wheels. The pro-Lite has aluminum wheels, so it is not a direct comparative analysis. The efficiency of the power output is noticeable without question. I’ll put that down to the beefier downtube, BB and the carbon crankset.

As I had mentioned in my last post, the R-002’s steering is what I would describe as a bit nervous or ‘twitchy’ compared to my PL. I did have more feedback today, and what I felt was that at low to lower speeds, the steering is quick and precise. But above 15-16 mph, it becomes less precise and not predictable. The front end feels a bit less stable at higher speeds, which does not inspire confidence on descents. I have concluded that the Trail on the PL is slightly longer than the R-002’s Trail. That partly explains the less stable steering feel. This is something I will need to sort out, or at least find a compromised setup that fells a bit more stable.

I think I have a good understanding of how the bike works now, so I can start to analyze the data and play with some of the settings. First, I plan to lower the stack height under the stem, (which will in effect ‘shorten the axle-to-bar distance, this is more for comfort and arm reach) I will then increase the stem length from 80mm to 90mm, which will moreover shorten the distance between the front axle and the center of handlebars. I could (and might experiment later in the year) also change to a different profile tire as well. Ultimately I have to improve the bikes setup if I want a similar feel and stability I enjoyed with the PL.

The Rake, or Offset is fixed from the steerer tube and stock fork, so even if I thought about changing to a different fork, there would be no measurable difference- unless the fork was either longer or shorter (in my situation I would want a slightly longer fork, in which case the trail would then change as well. I’m sure I will be able to affect the steering with some other above mentioned stem length/height adjustments, to what degree remains to be seen.

20140403_151905Putting the R002 Supersport through its paces…

As far as the machine ‘rolls’ I have to say, it does so with less effort than my PL. Again, I’m not sure if that is strictly due to the wheelset and hubs or the overall package. But as most riders have echoed, the bike seems to ‘spin up’ better or more efficiently. It is tough to perform a side-by-side comparative analysis of two bikes (even though they are both carbon) when the wheelsets are vastly different.

It will be very interesting to see how the bike performs on long rides with significant ascents and descents. Hopefully the weather breaks for the better, so I can get in some 40 to 60 mile jaunts and adapt to the R-002’s geometry. The first 100 mile ride will be on June 5th, in the Revolutionary Ramble out of Madison NJ. I’ll do a 500 mile review on the bike when I hit that mark. Hopefully by June. Right now, I would grade the R-002 a C+, with the hopes that it
attains a B or better…

R002 – SS | Rollout and Shakedown Run

The official rollout and shakedown run of the Black Blade R002 Supersport took place
on Wednesday, March 26th at Valley Park circuit. First ride, though short provided a
limited amount of feedback, but the 2014 machines chassis setup and geometry seem
decent enough to work with going forward. This was the first time that the bike had
turned it’s wheels in any significant way. As expected, there were the obligatory teething problems. Again, this was anticipated but that is what testing is all about.


My saddle, brake lever/hood  settings were loosely based off of my previous bike, so
I knew that dialing these settings in would take a bit of time. First few pedal turns I could
tell that the saddle height was nearly perfect, but the fore/aft setting was a bit too close to the center of the bars. That perception was confirmed up once I measured my knee to the ball of my foot ratio with a plumb bob. So, after moving the saddle slightly rearward about 1mm from the center of the seatpost and aligning the brake hoods to my liking I put a few more miles on the bike.

The range of adjustments with the saddle fore and aft, saddle height, stem length
and rise, though limited will all play a significant part in getting the setup as close to correct as possible. While balancing  the overall ‘fit’ and ‘feel’ of the machine. Initially, the steering feels twitchy, not sharper but ‘nervous’ and certainly not as comfortable as my previous Pro-Lite Galileo, which is extremely stable on high-speed descents. It will take some time to sort out this issue and get used to the feel of the R002 – SS chassis.


I am confident that I will be able to improve upon the inherent performance of the
R002 – SS and find a good compromise with the setup over the next few weeks.
Another longer test ride is planned for the following week.

Projekt Archetype – X (Build update V)

Build-a-Bike: The Chronicles of Archetype – X, building a road bike from the frame up…

And so it was in early 2013, I began researching and mining information on “open mold”
carbon bicycle frames direct from China. For those not in the know, this is a growing and
future trend. Why? For one, the frames are much less costly and two, most of the
manufacturers are making frames for the big-bike companies out of the same factories.

So, after months and months of scouring through forums, youtube reviews and ebay feedback, I felt I had enough data to take the next step. Thanks to my very generous and long-time best friend, most of the build cost would be covered. Mainly because he could not believe one could build up a carbon fiber bike cheaply and two, because he wanted to see what type of bike you could build for less than 2k…

So, let’s go back to October of 2013, this is when I had first ordered the R-002 carbon road frame from UIS-Zhongwei Composites in Shenzhen. Cost of T-700 carbon frame and fork? $360 USD. Now fast-forward to over 5 months later, the build has finally come together- though fraught with many teething problems. From incorrect sizes being sent to blemished parts, then defective and even some broken pieces that had to be sent back for return/replacement…the project has been very trying and revealing indeed.


As I mentioned earlier, this project would entail building the bicycle up from the
carbon fibre frame and fork. I procured all of the ancillary parts via ebay and Amazon.
From the 38mm x 23mm Ekay Composite wheelset, to the Ultegra 6700 drivetrain down to the anodized bolts. Since I had never assembled a bicycle before, I knew there would be some stumbling blocks along the way. Well, stumbling blocks is an understatement. Most of the build went okay, attaching the brake calipers, the derailleurs, the crank and the bars were straight forward. But as the build progressed, things became more difficult.

Routing the cables was a chore, due to the bottom cable guide being, well a piece of
crap. First discovered that the internal nut that the bolt threads into was broken.
So, out came the crankset…more disassembly. After about a half hour of trying to jam
a small screwdriver to ‘hold’ the nut in place while trying to tighten the bolt was a royal
pain in the ass. Some thread locker applied and it seemed to hold, but it’s broken.
Which sucks, because it is absolutely a QC issue. I will say, for all the positive aspects
of the frame and the cost, UIS’s QC is lacking in several areas.

So back went the crankset. Then I discovered that the front derailleur cable was binding
in the plastic cable guide! Un-fucking believable. After several attempts, no dice.
The shifter would not budge. So, out came the fucking crankset AGAIN! Oh man…
was I aggravated. I had to file the guide opening in order to get the cable to slide back
and forth. The whole debacle with the bolt and the nut were rehashed…then back went
the crankset one more time.


The last bits of the build were down to adjusting and dialing in the derailleurs. The
front went fairly easy, but the rear was a different story. My friend and I wound up
working on it most of the day last Saturday, at the end of the day, we figured out that
the derailleur hanger was just slightly ‘out’ of alignment. The good news was that there
was a spare hanger that was included with the frame. So after swapping it out, it was
back to adjusting…between setting the High and Low settings,  the B tension and the
barrel adjuster, it proved quite a task to get the shifting right. Finally then, on last Sunday morning the bike was nearly complete. All that was left to do was to apply the graphics that I had made up by bikenames.com. Total cost for the bike as pictured was $1,748.00 and weighing in at 16.92 lbs. That works out to an amazingly low figure of $103 per pound (cpp)

R-002 SS Specs

I still have not yet ridden the bike beyond a block yet. I’m hoping to get a shakedown run
in soon, to be able to dial the bike in. There’s getting the saddle position just right, the fore/aft and the tilt. Then the aligning the shifters-brake hoods on the handlebars and some other small details that really make a huge difference when riding. I’ll follow up with an unveiling video and an official test ride report.

Archetype – X | R002 – SS Build (part IV)

Well, work has finally begun on the R002 supersport build. I began by cleaning up all the
openings in the frame and taking off the rough edges on the head tube, seat tube
with some light grit sand cloth and a scotchbrite pad.

Then I made sure the bottom bracket threads did not have any aluminum shavings.
I gave it a quick cleaning with a nylon (not metal) tube brush, ensuring the FSA
MegaExo BB cartridge would thread on with no issues.

This coming week, I will install the crankset, chain, then the headset, stem and bars.
There is an issue with the seat post and the frames seat tube. For whatever reason,
there is some ‘play’ between the two. It looks like I will have to shim the seat post.

The last step will be routing the cables, putting the finishing touches on and buttoning
the bike up for the first test ride…I’m hoping that will be around the 21st or 22nd.