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Rider Specs:

1965 prototype
165lbs – 74.84kg – wt | 67.5″ – 171.45cm – hgt
9/2003 – began road cycling
10/2007 – began mtn biking

Road Bike Specs:

A 2014 UIS-Zhongwei R-002 Supersport  aka- Black Dragon
(Badged: Archetype-X) 700T  Carbon Fibre – 52cm frame and fork assembly. This is the very same bike as the JKS-R1 sold by Starley.

While not a top-line superbike, I liken the R-002 to a middle-weight supersport moto machine. About 17 lbs, stiff, responsive and quick enough. Outfitted with a good gruppo and carbon wheels, the double O2 gets the job done.

Ultegra 6700 10 speed:

53/39 Zeus-FSA carbon crank | 11-28 Sram rear cogs.

Ultegra 6700 calipers front and rear | 6700 STI

Generic carbon

Avenir 42cm

Generic Carbon-Aluminum 100mm – 5° rise

Ekay Composites 700c x 38mm x 23mm

Weight: 17.2 lbs | 7.8 kilos





Mountain Bike Specs:

2006 Ironhorse hardtail ‘Maverick’ (badged outlaw pro)
All aluminum frame, stem, bars and post. Truvit crank
with Sram gearing and stock wheels. Rock Shox fork,
stock Hayes rear caliper and disc. Avid BB5 front caliper and
Galfer Wave Rotor disc, with Galfer green pads.

IH - Cross Race

6 thoughts on “Archetype

  1. Funny you should ask Jim. I was planning to do a review of the Ekay wheelset soon. Well, I am pleased so far. No issues as of yet, and I’m hoping there are none to come! I will admit that I have been waiting for some kind of issue, but thankfully none so far. To date I have about 2700 miles on the set. Granted, that is not a lot for a wheelset, so we’ll see…

    When I first purchased them, I had a friend put them on his truing stand and they were perfect. I also had the rear rechecked last month and the shop said it was fine, all true. When I told them how much I paid the reaction was one of dismay and I think annoyance! ($443 delivered. I bargained a bit, they were listed at $400+60 for shipping) For all the crap the Chinese get as well as their products, I will say you can bargain with them. I have always been successful in bargaining the prices. The trick is not to go too low and insult them.

    I can’t blame the shops for being pissed per say, but the prices on domestic carbon wheels is simply too high. The wheels have held up good so far. A bit of dirt, gravel and mostly torn up and cracked paved roads here in NJ have put them through a tough test. Some of brake squeal even with the Swiss Stop Yellow for carbon pads…but considering the price and the weight- 1486grams. I think the B-C ratio is well worth it.



  2. exmaschine,
    Love the bike!
    I was researching a cheap CF build up when google showed your blog.
    If I was as light as you then I would simply copy your bike build.
    I currently have 2011 Trek xcal with shram. New I paid around $1600. I have had my rear Bontrager re-laced recently because I was heavier than when the bike was purchased.
    I now want a all (as many components as possible) carbon fiber hybrid with hydraulic discs because I’m mostly on paved rails to trails in Ohio.
    I’m lost with so many choices from China and was wondering if you can point me in a simple direction for my build.
    I am a Clydesdale at 6’4 with summer riding weight around 240 lbs give or take 10 lbs.
    I’m tired of the MTB geometry and looking for more upright without comprising too much.
    I was considering the 2015 true hybrid geometry SIRRUS CARBON DISC bikes but thought I could build better piece by piece for the prices.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    • Hi Rich,
      thanks for checking in and the questions. Basically I know of 2 name brand chinese frames. Zhongwei (the one I have) and Yoleo. Zhongwei produces frames for Planet-X, Vektor and Starley bikes. In addition to selling them unbranded. I would point you to Velobuild for frames. Prices are incredible and quality is good. They also have a forum on VB, you can see how many people have purchased the many different types of frames as well as questions. Ebay has a ton of RE-sellers, but there are only a handful of actual manufacturers right now. Same goes for the wheels. I think dealing directly with the Chinese manufactures is a better option.
      Anything else I can help you with let me know.



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