Gary Null Show 01.31.18

…they do not represent you and I.
Everything is DC is just one illusion…

While I tend to agree with most (but not all) of what Gary has to say and deciphers about the government, I take a bit of a different stance on so-called global warming and some of his nutritional guidelines/advice.

One Year Later, Is Trump a Blessing or a Curse to the Deep State?

“In other words, stop worshipping false idols. Stop waiting for Trump to drain the swamps, or some whistleblower to topple the tyrants, or some other political savior to swoop in and fix all that’s wrong with this country. Stop allowing yourselves to be drawn into divisive party politics. Stop thinking of yourselves as members of a particular political party, as opposed to citizens of the United States…”

John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

“Jesus! Where will it end? How low do you have to stoop in this country to be President? … We’ve come to a point where every four years this national fever rises up — this hunger for the Saviour, the White Knight, the Man on Horseback — and whoever wins becomes so immensely powerful … that when you vote for President today you’re talking about giving a man dictatorial power for four years… The whole framework of the presidency is getting out of hand. It’s come to the point where you almost can’t run unless you can cause people to salivate and whip each other with big sticks. You almost have to be a rock star to get the kind of fever you need to survive in American politics.” —Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist

Here’s the question I pose to you: has Donald Trump been a blessing or a curse…

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Exposing Criminals & Shedding Light

The ‘HITS’ keep coming people! Hopefully these elite pieces of shit will soon be exposed. It’s an uphill battle though. When you have the scumbag cia protecting pedophiles, (the very global elite banksters who own them) and the propaganda arm of the Fourth Reich (the msm) trying to shut down and make a mockery of undeniable information, it’s not going to be easy by a long shot.

Gary Null Show 10-03-16 (Military Corruption)

Exposing the latest criminal behavior from the US military. The discussion begins at minute 34+.  A clip regarding the massively corrupted leadership of the military and its contractors. Criminal Generals and the making of FAKE propaganda videos in Iraq that ensured the continuation of the illegal wars in the middle east. This is the just another heinous example of the most criminal enterprise in the western hemisphere, the US government and its agencies.

Nine Deceptions in UK History with the EU…

Very informative and interesting article from Christopher Booker.

“The key to understanding the unique system of government known as the “European Union” is that everything about it is based on smoke and mirrors, with nothing ever being quite what it is pretending to be. Of this, the strange little pseudo-deal stitched up between David Cameron and his 27 EU colleagues is only yet another example.”

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The Three NWO Nazi's
Leading Three Nationalistic Western Order of Nazi’s…