The Edge of Valley Green

40 miles, climbing 3320′ up

Today’s Stage climbed up familiar Mt Harmony and then
Hardscrabble Pass. As I wound through the Small Valley
of Bernardsville along Roxiticus, my thoughts wandered
like the rolling wheels beneath me…


From scenic Ravine Lake to the border of Mendham, it was
lush green fields and rolling farms full of foliage that paved
the way. My legs pumped like pistons, my lungs not-too-fade
carried me strong, to the 4th best time up Hardscrabble.


The ascent beckons, like a siren song, as I am lured by her
tempting curves, by her majestic heights. Though I know
of the suffering she will put me through, I labor upward, still-
Inspired by such landscapes of beauty, oh her seductive reward
of enchanting views…

Fore the climbs are romantic in their own epic way, with the
promise of love and absolute pain, all wrapped in a rapturous
dream of her rising allure…