If The Data Doesn’t Match The Theory, Change The Data

More solid work from Tony on the Steven Goddard blog.

Real Science

NASA didn’t like the fact that Antarctica was cooling, so they simply changed the data to meet the needs of funding. Gavin said in 2004 that Antarctica had cooled significantly.

ScreenHunter_1156 Mar. 02 18.24

ScreenHunter_1154 Mar. 02 18.20

ScreenHunter_1159 Mar. 02 18.47

But NASA knew that wasn’t any use for the global warming agenda, so they simply changed the data a couple of years later.

ScreenHunter_1157 Mar. 02 18.26

But that fake data wasn’t effective enough, so Steig made it even hotter in Antarctica

ScreenHunter_1153 Mar. 02 18.19

And now, Jeff Masters reports that it was 1,830 degrees in Antarctica yesterday.

ScreenHunter_1150 Mar. 02 17.53

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