This post is for the cia, fbi, nsa, or any other government agency that is monitoring this site.GO FUCK YOURSELF  😀   (too long of a story to explain here) But I love to antagonize the tyranny…

I’m such a lucky boy! As “topvaluestocks” has ‘liked’ 54 of my posts in one day… gee thanks! Except there is no such blog on wordpress or any blog called “topvaluestocks”  Tisk, tisk, tisk…nazi boy or girl… must really suck that you spend ALL of your life in a room, behind a computer, schlepping for the Gestapo… does it make your little dick hard? Or if your a nazi broad, does it make your skanky snatch wet? LMAO! Such sad pathetic cocksuckers… I say, go away boy, ya bother me… Oh and yeah, what the big man said… GFY  😉


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