The ‘media’ doth protest too much…

It’s worth repeating until the very last breath. The ONLY #fakenews being generated is BY the MSM itself. These are the six CORPORATE owned Propagandist outlets that are bankster run and cia controlled. This covers print,  radio,  internet and TV.

When highly visible medias such as the nytimes, washington post and npr wage a relentless, non-stop campaign ‘warning’ their base to beware of so-called fake news, it becomes painfully obvious that there is something being covered up.


“The media protests PizzaGate too much. Something is odd here. The U.S. corporate media has never done a concerted push to warn viewers and readers about an incoming “fake news surge.” NEVER. Nor has an exiting President warned his supporters about vile fake news, ever before. What are they preparing the public for?”


You may notice that proper names and titles are not capitalized, but that is done purposely. Such vile, deceptive propagandists do not deserve to be recognized in any proper way. And I don’t give a shit about ‘proper’ grammar in this case. 😉


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